Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Purchasing dies

With the cost of postage sky rocketing for over seas orders I wanted to let people know that I can send one or two dies much cheaper if we do business away from Ebay- if we use Ebay I am required to use their mailing labels for shipping items so the cost is roughly $6.50 to mail one or two dies BUT if I put the same dies in a regular envelope with postage stamps it only costs $1.30..the only down side is that there is no tracking available.
If you are interested in purchasing dies this way just send me an email at morningsunstudio@hotmail.com
and tell me what dies you'd like from my Ebay store or I can special order items if you aren't in a hurry.


  1. Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  2. postage is a pain in the butt! I recently sent two books to australia and it cost me $38! Ouch! $15 just to send one locally.

    Anyway, you asked a question about palette knives on my blog and I came here because I figured you might not see the answer otherwise:

    It's just one of those cheap plastic palette knives I got from the store. My metal one broke LOL! It's not as bendy as a metal one, it's actually pretty stiff. More than my credit card, anyway :P